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Grand Remit

Grand Bank Nepal Ltd. (GBNL) has launched its own remittance brand named Grand Remit. Grand Remit is a safest and trusted means of money transfer from abroad to Nepal. Presently, we have 23 branches of GBNL and 500 agent networks across Nepal to provide the service of Grand Remit. We have vigorous plan to expand our branch and agent networks where we intend to make our entire payout locations to 1,000 within 2012. We have started establishing our remittance arrangements in abroad. In this course, anyone residing in Australia and New Zealand can now remit their hard earned money through our Australian partner Ras Global Pty. Ltd. ( back to their home in Nepal. People from Australia also can open Grand Remit Account (GRA) and remit proceeds directly into the account as well. Bank is also planning to expand its networks in Gulf, Malaysia, Europe, USA, Japan, South Korea, and rest of the world’s countries. Some of the countries are in pipeline for tie up of Grand Remit business. Due to ever growing of Nepalese work force in abroad, our bank targets to cater every potentiality of this sector. 

Our International partner for Grand Remit:
1. Australia & New Zealand:
Ras Global Pty. Ltd., 11 Karri Place, Parklea, New South Wales 2768, Australia, Tel. No. 0061-288247713, E-mail:, Website:
Contact Person: Mr. Abhishek Bhandari, Mobile No. 0061- 404889477.
GBNL is also proud to introduce a subsidiary product of Grand Remit where any remittance clients now can easily open Grand Remit Account (GRA) from abroad and in Nepal. GRA is a remittance savings deposit scheme where any Nepalese residing in abroad can open account through our remittance partners in abroad and the beneficiary (receiver) of the funds in Nepal also can open this a/c with the evidence of remittance slip and other required documents. As savings deposit is essential for the financial growth of anyone and bank has designed this product keeping in view of safe keeping of their hard earned money. Apart from this bank has also laid emphasis to provide better interest rate than other savings account. Besides this there are many other features of this product which are as below:
  • Specialized products to the remitter and receiver of the funds via “Grand Remit” and other remittance products being used the bank.
  • Account can be opened from our remitting networks in abroad and GBNL branches inside Nepal.
  • Can open a/c in zero (Rs 0) balance.
  • Cheque book delivery as per the request of the customer or with maintaining Rs 1,000 minimum balance in the a/c.
  • Attractive Interest rate on daily balance basis.
  • Free ATM/Debit cards.
  • Free SMS banking, Internet banking and mobile banking facilities.
  • Free ABBS facility.
  • Free accidental death insurance facility up to Rs 500,000 or 5 times of the account balance (whichever is lower) at the time of accidental death of an account holder.
* Conditions apply.

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